About Us


The Kang Won Yong Foundation was first established as ‘Korea Christian Academy’ on May 7, 1965, to promote social participation by Christianity, dialogue between Christianity and society, and humanization to overcome social marginalization; and ever since, it has been fully engaged in the ‘dialogue movement.’ On its 50th anniversary in 2015, the name was changed to ‘Kang Won Yong Foundation.’ Its affiliated organizations include ▲Korea Christian Academy, ▲Korea Dialogue Academy, and ▲Wind and Water Institute.


Affiliated Organizations

Kang Won Yong Foundation

Operates 'People Living by Yeohae's Values,' 'Yeohae Archive' and other projects.

Korea Christian Academy

Facilitates dialogue and cooperation among churches, and trains leaders to fulfill the churches' social calling.

Korea Dialogue Academy

Carries out research and study on major issues facing Korean society, and seeks causes and solutions through dialogue.

Wind and Water Institute

Develops and operates programs for the greening of Korean society, and leads greening education programs for young people.




  • Research

    We research various issues for humanization of Korean society.

  • Dialogue

    We develop and expand a dialogue culture in which people with different thinking and stances try to find their common language.

  • Education

    We operate educational programs to develop leadership oriented toward life values.

  • Publication

    We publish books oriented toward humanization and ways of living.


Based on the theology of incarnation that was its founding spirit, the Kang Won Yong Foundation is committed to research on various subjects related to humanization and peace, to the formation of councils through social dialogue, and to the training of leaders who cherish life values."
- Article 1, Articles of Association of Kang Won Yong Foundation